Aerosol Dreams

Tend to have recurring dreams, they are pretty tame though they seem so real. I always forget they are dreams and they live a life in my unconscious sometimes for years and then I realise they are dreams during the dream or just after but this is rare. I live a whole different life in my dreams I really do. Suppose most people do. I only realise recently that a few dreams were dreams and I have stopped having them, they were repetitive and about the same issues. The ones recently were about graffiti, I spent the whole weekend and last night dreaming about graffiti! Obsessed or what? Some dreams though are recurring and I do know they are dreams even during them but they bring up a point. It was like my dream about painting on canvas that went on for years. The dream that I have possibly killed someone that one went on for decades, I was always trying to hide the evidence or I knew someone was getting close to uncovering me, a totally paranoid dream. I think I was around sixteen when I had that one and it was only in the last few years that I realised it was just a dream in my dreams and it totally popped the bubble that it created and disappeared. During the dream the theme has a whole emotional feel about it. The one last night was about a spot full of dead trains that I had painted many years ago in another dream and I was always trying to get any photos but they were lost and last night I realised it was just a dream so hopefully that is the end of that one. I know what its about and I have come to accept that I do have a whole part of my graffiti career that has only been seen by about ten people. In the dream I am searching for the yard and finding everything painted over maybe I might see a little glimpse of my old work but only an unrecognisable bit. Usually I can’t find the yard and am trying to remember where it was if it was real. Many paths leading nowhere glad it is resolved in my dreams who needs that kind of frustration. In reality I know that someone has the photos of my work from the late eighties and that is enough to know they are at least somewhere, albeit unseen. A lot of the dreams I know better than my day to day life but only within the dream and then eventually they filter into my waking consciousness and I realise what they are and I have resolved many of them some have been there  for years following me as I work out what it is telling me. Have to admit I am not that interested in dreams but they keep on being a fixture in the recesses of my mind. The dream about painting on canvas was constantly fraught with frustrations something always getting in the way or I am back at Uni or High School and can’t figure out where I am supposed to be or can’t get to classes etc etc. But they at least resolve and my brain tries to resolve the issue as I did start painting on canvas and paper again and rediscovered that part of my consciousness that seemed lost or neglected. Need to really nurture my creativity as my brain won’t let me ignore it and I try to sometimes ignore it but then I go back to the dreams. Lucky this arvo I am off to do some new work or else I might dream about it.

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