Taras Shevchenko and Ukrainian nationalism

My daughter made a friend at school whose parents were Ukrainian. For some weird reason my daughter started going to Ukranian school with her friend she did around six months on a Saturday it was all my partners doing. My partner also sent my daughter to Jewish scripture even though we are not Jewish, and funnily enough we are not Ukrainian either. All well and good the Ukrainian parents were academics, the mother a professor at a university her husband a retired computer engineer. I had to sit through a whole three hours of Ukrainian singing and dancing at the Ukrainian club, my daughter also performed. Not one single word of English and Shevchenko watching over the affair with a rather cranky look from images hung around the club. The Ukrainians were passionate about their independence from Russia and are very nationalistic. We eventually fell out with the parents and the girls were playing up it drove us all a bit crazy. Was introduced to all of the community divisions and problems not much different from most communities but very Ukrainian and proud. We should all support the Ukraine’s independence they need this, they are unique and what would Shevchenko think if they lost this? I can understand the passion they feel for their independence and hope the issues do not escalate to bloodshed. 

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