Dominate or create

Well how many graff writers go out on a limb to dominate a line, this is where the creative part gets lost. Your amazing if you can do both, at once dominate and create eye popping visuals. There are still lots of writers out there trying to get up and it has become harder to create great visual work to go with it. The act of just getting up and doing as much as possible has let the creative part slide you have to be an athlete and a ninja. If you want to just create walls are really the way but then you still get the mentality of writers trying to dominate a space, making work that will be visual and dominant in the space. This is all well and good but say you don’t have a set of ladders to hump the wall with and you want to just express yourself? Well bad luck if the local alpha male has done his business on the wall. This doesn’t happen everywhere thankfully but it happens on big legal walls. I try to avoid them because I don’t come to dominate I come to create. My favorite walls are usually small, my work is small and something else is obviously a bit small too. I made a mistake going to May lane the other day it isn’t my scene at all. Have never been into big is better. Well what is done is done and have learnt a lesson, don’t hump walls!

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