Finished reading “The society of the spectacle” by Guy Debord

Well this book was short but dense I guess I am a bit dense : ) it was pretty hard to read but had some good moments especially on time and different takes on time. The creation of history and its construction, I have to admit I am glad I read the anthology or I would have walked away with less vague ideas than I already have. I will probably have another read of it and take notes because it is that type of book, it is theory at the end of the day. Heavily Marxist I might have to read some of Marx again having only read one of his books around 20 years ago. I really enjoyed Marx though when I read it great writer and amazingly influential figure. Guy Debord really sets down the theory here for the SI making many historical allusions. I am going to leave it for a few weeks to see if anything concrete sinks in then I will re-read. The introduction was very good though by the translators even they admitted it was a hard read and only pointed out some small details that were a bit dated leaving them to admit the text was still very relevant. The part on the Watts riots and the disruption of the capitalist chain was very relevant especially with the London riots and various groups (mainly youth) overstepping the capitalist system undermining its dominance through violence stemming from frustration. The system promises but due to embedded inequality refuses many of consumer goods due to lack of opportunity then frustration sets in leading to riots. Anyway there was more and you will have to bear with me while I process it all.

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