Making some progress

When I first started doing projects for artworks on the Pi I kind of didn’t read the documentation as much I should. Typical of me, with the latest sound and video project I am reading the forums and finding answers rather than just making a scary solution. Amazed at how great the platform is, the sound seems to clear up once USB is disconnected and the video is amazing, such great playback. The project at the minute is just redoing an existing one but I can see myself making some video pieces especially for a project, just video. Sometimes I feel embarrassed about my work but at the same time I don’t really care just want to get it out. It is no different to painting you are still putting it all out there for people to see and hear in this case. There was a wonderful solution in the forums to pipe espeak through aplay with stdout nice and it fixes what seems to be a sampling problem causing choppy playback. I love the command line. Love Linux.

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