Strike a pose

Talking to a mate recently about graffiti in Sydney, he tried to slip in me doing a futuristic lady on our next work. I like the idea and don’t really mind but in retrospect it made me laugh. A lot of old school Sydney graffiti aspires to 1980s hairdressing salon commercial art. Flowing hair made into patterns pink lips and a bit of movement. Persoanlly I love it, I was always sucked into the pictures around salons in the 80s but why? Was it the contrast and striking pose? The promise of a future of hair carved into dramatic shapes by hair gel that set as hard as concrete? The future was windy and you needed hair gel, imagine all those hover cars messing with your look who needed that? The 80s really were a conglomeration of styles and eras, we all had a 60s fridge, a 70s couch it was a real mix. If you were wealthy you had new things but most of us had all sorts of objects that survived their decade and beyond reaching into the future, the 80s future. If anything the sounds were futuristic, but once again came from the 70s or 60s. There was a parody advertisement made recently by a rice cracker company with a styled 80s lady and I was so in my element, I could have just danced on the ceiling like a robot. They just got it so right, the blazing blue dress, the dark sculpted eye shadow the hair, now can I tell you about the hair? Picture perfect, all those bad ass criminals wanting that look on a wall, but it is art is it not?
Even a hardened criminal can appreciate that somewhat transexual look, that fantasy? Made me laugh when an old schooler a while back started smashing out what we could only see as gender bending female characters, unisex maybe? Well that is the history of early 80s piecing fuelled by Hair Salons and a lot of hope. Some of us are left carrying the flag, funny enough I still look at hair salon displays but they just don’t have that same impact as they once did. Not nearly enough hair gel to inspire a generation.

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