Some Thoughts Unordered

Just a general note on the holidays, had a day and a night in Hazelbrook that was relaxing and managed to do some small works and battle with an air compressor and spray gun. Back in Sydney and actually got to paint with Zap and Sheb under a roadway with mosquitoes and humidity. Feeling relaxed and getting good feedback on my work which I appreciate. Feel I have more of a community of artists now having gotten in touch with Nami and Travis. Rather be positive and create, can really feel how much I need this break too it has been a hard year for all of us at work at Resene with little to no breaks all year due to staff issues. Thinking that after March things should settle down and I can get holidays so I can at least get out of Sydney. Would like to visit Melbourne and Perth next year to work in new environments and explore. Since I had my youngest daughter I have not been out of Sydney that is around ten years so really need to get out next year long overdue. There is a lot to achieve and I hope to exhibit, it really has become a bit harder with less artists run spaces than a few years ago but I am feeling confident and very focused for at least one exhibition. Usually I don’t sell any works but it helps people who usually buy after to see the work in an ideal environment and experience the work. 

The coming years work will be large format photos of my aerosol work and sound environments maybe with some small drawings that is what I am aiming for and it will help spearhead my desire to get my graffiti works into peoples homes. I have one work that was such a pleasure to create and to see it in their lounge room really inspired me. Exhibited some large format photos a few years ago which were conceptual and performance based so I like the look and feel  just need the graffiti work this time. Got a bit of a plan this coming year which is highly unusual for me usually I wing it but can see this opening some eyes.

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