Fatz randwick

This guy is like the local mad guy in randwick, there is the mental hospital in randwick to accommodate. Fatz has had a tough life I see him in some full on situations but usually he is just laughing to himself having a cigarette. In 2004 we used to go to his housing estate unit and have Turkish coffee he wasn’t so bad then but he was into hashish and dope which lead to his mental problems. He got cut out of his parents estate because he was not well really he needed it more. He got off the drugs eventually but he is mentally troubled. He is the local randwick mad guy there is another guy around his age going on about PSK under his breath who is a bit aggressive. I have seen Fatz butt naked after having his pants stolen trying to get onto the bus, he was crying and said to the driver he was circumsized. It’s pretty sad we haven’t talked because my mate told him off for abusing his mum and I happened to be there but we wish each other happy New Years and Christmas. Hard life all thanks to drugs. I don’t like drugs at all.

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