Had another chat

It is amazing how big street art has become. Banksy has made some interesting new work in New York and I saw his new video. A lot of street art is easy to like. Twoone, Shida, Jumbo and Zap are my favourites I like where they take it. Twoone has a nice style and technique, I prefer Shida overall dig the line work and shapes. I get a lot of the latest gossip from you know who so I like that. Keeps me up to date, not that there is anything new to report, still grieving over the commercialisation of the medium. I would hate to repeat the same old report but some supporters like Mays lane are not associating with the scene due to that said commercial aspect. It is a shame but if you can make cash out of dinner plates like GhostPatrol does that make you bad? I still don’t think so. Mays lane supported the art for years and has one of the best collections of street art, to hear they have lost faith in the scene is probably not entirely true anyway, there just isn’t as much street art going on there. Possibly the street artists have bigger fish to fry.

It is unfortunate that there is a schism between street art and graffiti, graffiti laid the foundations for this whole current episode but as a graffiti artist I don’t expect a pat on the back because it isn’t like I made up the graffiti culture. What I tell myself is that there is a legacy that you have as an artist, somewhere away from the bigger cultural stuff. You may for instance have painted trains and made a name as a graffiti artist and now you can make work that carries on the legacy without the wire cutters for the yards but maybe a point of view or way of doing your art now that is unique. You may not make money but you can still make something of value. I made a work earlier in the year about that point, my work “Discarded words” a computer generated monologue of an unknown persons poetry that I found while scavenging computer parts. It may not get me on dinner plates but you have to have a hobby. It might be amusing to do a bunch of works on dinner plates myself, I think I am more a coffee mug kind of guy, a coffee mug with “finally, an item of value”. Better do it before it gets in the online Banksy shop.

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