Meet the artists Retro Specs Jonathon Verzosa

Meet the artists:

A designer, illustrator, and artist, Jonathan’s art explores both conemporary and traditional social and spatial structures. Taking inspiration from science fiction, particle physics, and the glory days of the late 80’s/early 90’s animation, his work is a mix of abstract dimensional anomalies and duck ogling mice. His drawing style reflects an anal retentive personality and his painting style reflects a primal need to melt things with laser beams. He is 99% ratbag 1% gentleman.

“For this exhibition I have chosen two existing artworks to be reinterpreted; “First Date”, which explores the cool veneer we all attempt to keep in the face of anxiety, and “Belfry Lover”, which explores the the primal darkness and fears that have always existed in human culture, and have been expressed through cultural mythologies.
Instead of creating separate new works, however, I have melded both these concepts and technical aspects of the previous works to produce a single piece. The new work expresses that constant underlying dark element within all our subconscious, bearing the ability to simultaneously drives us forward and hinder us at crucial moments in our life.”

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