Adam Scarf, Retro Specs

Meet the artists:

Adam Scarf is a 21 year old Blue mountains based artist who is a passionate photographer/filmmaker and has been using a camera since the age of 11, photographing and filming skateboarding. His passion for photography developed during high school after learning techniques in the darkroom which eventually lead to pursuing artistic images in digital imagery. His light works are innovative, and his approach to portraiture and live music is original and fresh. Adam has collaborated with several different bands and artist’s doing music videos, stop-motion videos and promotional material. Adam has travelled the Northern Territory twice on a youth project teaching indigenous kids in remote communities how to ride skateboards while documenting the project which has given him a wonderful experience in a totally different environment. Diversifying into weddings and book covers as well as commercial photography has helped expand his knowledge, which he is keen to keep on expanding. Adams latest efforts have been recording stop-motion time lapses of legal murals funded by the Blue – Mountains – Street – Art – Collaborative.

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