Art vs damage

I love seeing some old mates still doing hard core Graf but I am just so into art that it seems like some kind of dream. I can appreciate all the running around and adrenalin but I could never do it again. I pretty much finished with trains in 92 and I couldn’t even do a trackside last one was 2007. Art is mine to enjoy. Sure I see the scene and kind of feel a bit out of place but creating things is so interesting. I appreciate the past but it is over for me. I saw another mate and he was like let’s do a legal with old school stuff I am like cool but it is like we will probably never get around to it. I am painting this weekend and I want to see something awesome go up a piece of art. Something for the now. I want to paint with Sheb too before he has his first child but I need to think about my art first.

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