Cognitive Impairment

I have to say cognitive impairment is the biggest frustration for schizophrenia, I tend not to have this issue often but it can arise randomly. The most annoying was while doing an assessment for html/css and I couldn’t just say hey I can’t think at the moment I basically had to carry on. It was like raking through gravel. I passed but only just and I hope it doesn’t happen again soon. It hits occasionally which is why I understand the dimensions model only too well. My Dad is similar he is only good at a couple of things, say with money he is a genius but in other areas he has no idea. I tend to have been quite autistic when in high school, coming in the top ten percent of art in the state but only just passing my HSC by a couple of points. I couldn’t think of anything else it was impossible for me and still is. Computers and graffiti/art are the only two things I can think about, probably more computers really, sounds like Autism but it is that spectrum. It is funny because I totally agree with the dimension model but can understand the problems it causes for people handing out the labels, it is messy. Well so is life how apt.

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