Sweet words

The written word is what frees us, it defines us. I can only see a way out through words. Cutting a path through complexity and weakness. Sweet words that hold us up above all else. The power to see ahead and see where we have been. We can’t live with out them. Think of when you hear the words that testify love, or even testify hate you know them through words and they connect sending you to happiness or death. When there is silence we lose touch and really we fear silence and a lack of words. We connect through words and live our life by them. They weave so many stories breaking our hearts or filling us with hope and joy. What of the word, a tool among so many but without it our tools would be few. For those that say that God is dead the words of God live on. They brought this world into being, at least as far as we can describe it. It would be nameless, now we have the choice of how to define and how to make it what we want only through words and then we can will it into being.

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