Anish Kapoor Sydney MCA

I saw the Anish Kapoor exhibition in Sydney, it is a great show. The artists plays with perception and it is engaging. Time and again Kapoor shows infinite space through finite means. It is as though the materials will offer a door into an endless space. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes perplexing but it really makes you think about the dichotomy of infinite and finite space. Some works are mirrors that bend your perception making you question your relation to the object and where one begins and ends. What I came away from it with was how objects can be percieved as “there” and then obviously “not there” at least as far as my vision can judge them as being endless or finite. Kapoor is very playful and it was like staring death in the face, where do things start and where do they end? Right there of course!

Anish kapoor

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