Just saw a mad piece

I just a dope piece and it was being used to put down Zap on twelve oz prophet. It is old news but it really showed me how different my mentality is to these half wits who call themselves graffiti artists. I saw this piece and was like that is mad and it is, not for some ironic reason but because it is an example of a dope piece. Some hack says oh saw Zap and his space cadet mates blah blah at Mays lane. The point of my rant is to outline my view and how bad I want to do the most crazy burner that will hopefully burn these guys eyeballs out. Where are my flouros? I just want freedom, that is the point of the exercise these guys want to impress some ideal of hardcore bombing but at my age it looks like a pose. People did graffiti to improve their lot and be creative not to dig a hole and stick their head in it. To use a Vulcan piece to put down Zap only highlights how far ahead of these toys he is. What a bunch of toys, I can’t wait to meet one of these guys and wear a pair of flouro pants with paisley patterns. I understand why I went in the direction I did don’t sweat it I am all for FREEDOM. These guys are bucket heads. Really though Sydney feeds off this negative model, what do I care, I actually feel inspired, not to do graffiti but to think graffiti. Everything I do is graffiti, my mind is built that way, my art, my video, my poetry (trying my best), graffiti is freedom not destruction. You only destroy to build, demolish to rebuild a better world. It is only art if you have a goal.

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