Been using Ubuntu for my new laptop, it is pretty good. I like Debian better but I got the cheapest most unsupported laptop ever. It was really unsupported in Debian so I put Ubuntu on and I am really happy with it. I think the way I think of it is that Ubuntu is great for new machines and Debian older hardware. I usually have old hardware so Debian is on two mahines, 3 including my Pi and it is the best, I prefer to develop on Debian but Ubuntu is nice. Just being able to use a cheap machine with so much support. I don’t believe that Ubuntu is for everyone, I could imagine it would be pretty average on my via 1GHz if it worked at all. It has helped me be a cheap skate and get good performance and support at the same time. In the past I tried Ubuntu and it was very bad, but it has improved a lot. The Unity interface isn’t that bad. If you hate it you can install another Window Manager, I hope the Ubuntu phone gets off the ground I will get one for sure.

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