EPS PSK graffiti crews

Two crews I have been in for a long time. PSK a love hate relationship but EPS has always been good. Funnily enough I hardly see anyone from both. I saw Weazle the other day, he looks well and still doing hardcore graff on the sly. Recently got word that maybe some new blood might come into EPS, like anything these guys can take it any direction. I tell myself that it shouldn’t really matter. The crews you were in were your mates and what you did is done now unless you do something again which may or may not happen. I am way too old to be repping a crew and all of that but I still put the crews up when I paint with members. It has been a few years since I painted with EPS. Mainly seen members from PSK or guys from the area who I paint with. You can only control your own destiny, new blood goes its own way. Above all else crews have their time and new things happen so I hope to catch up with EPS guys again but we are all older and have commitments. We did some nice walls in 2004-5 with EPS, hell it is 2013. Graffiti is not as relevant for me as it once was. I feel like I am ready to do some nice walls but you need a team effort to produce high quality. Mostly you need a wall that will last last for more than one day. Zap has had a few walls lately in Redfern but it is a free for all, you have to get it done in a day or two to lock it down otherwise it gets taken and I haven’t been free in those times to contribute and who wants to launch at a wall anyway with no preparation. It is funny I am at the height of my creative abilities with graff but I haven’t done a decent wall in a few years, it is all quick one hour jobs at most in some rancid location with mosquitoes everywhere. What a joy, no wonder I can’t be bothered painting.

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