Echo chamber

The problem with so much social media is it becomes an echo chamber. In some ways that is good as you can immerse yourself in an interest which is why I like twitter and google plus. Twitter can be immersive with my interests in coding, psychiatry and it can go out of the scope of an echo chamber, google plus for me is just linux interests so that is quite good. Facebook tends to be the most echoey as it an agreeable structure for friends and family but like the family dinner best done every now and then. They all have their pros and cons. You can just immerse yourself, I admit I like it, I was happy though to listen to a programming podcast and get out of my comfort zone, it was ruby rogues and it is quite diverse. That in itself made it challenging because I am a novice at coding and there is a whole subculture there but I got that book from it. Good. I know nothing about ruby, funnily enough the podcast was recommended from a magazine, good. I liked the thread that formed.
But it shows that traditional media can get you out of the echo chamber of social media, that is good for myself because I think I have been just reading tweets that don’t move out into a wider context but go to x. This is something I will try to remember, magazines are always good. Especially linux journal, complex but far reaching.

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