Aerosol rock stars

It is sometimes strange for me to fathom the rock star like status of a lot of street /graffiti artists. I don’t really mind as I am a bit too old to care now. It is great to see the general acceptance of aerosol art forms but looks like a bit of an executive lifestyle for me. I come across a few general videos that highlight some great artists but the rock star attitude is the part I find strange when I think of graffiti as a local phenomenon as well as an international scene. Travelling the world writing your name in bubble letters in chrome looks pretty cool especially when there is alcohol, blunts and crates of sponsored paint. Strangely though it reminds me of the amazing ability of aerosol culture to enforce stereotypes. Who really cares it is fun, but what about the little guys who just cruise around doing weird paintings on local walls. If I was to be taken seriously for instance I better get out on the streets of Paris with a chrome and a blunt and get videoed doing my name with a crazy soundtrack or basically I am finished dried up…kapootski. It is nice to get a piece on occasionally and get some credit for doing an especially obscure piece of outsider art. Even outsider artists need a claim to fame, some strange habit or lifestyle to sell a story and hopefully their latest work made from crate paper. They just need a popping track and a sponsorship from a pharmaceutical company. I have kind of followed the tide but I get carried away having odd thoughts and make a video that is more or less going to get laughed at in this serious sponsored scene. I do enjoy it though but thats not the issue it is just that the general hype reminds me how gentrified aerosol culture is. I better get my cravat out and keep doing my own popping visualism.

I remember just painting in my local park, it was actually fun and your imagination brought the soundtrack and groupies hanging off your every paint drip. Now it is real!!!! If your young enjoy it and sell out because you can, but one day you will probably have to make some serious art so good luck with that. Maybe money is really as important as everyone wants you to believe and making money is success. The Mona Lisa is just an investment and art hangs on walls getting more and more expensive. Strange subjective feelings of abstract importance are merely delusions and the more expensive it is the more important it is. So if you buy an “x” it should make a return. Or art becomes an exercise in cultural relevance and you basically need to do some heavy lifting in the academia department. I mean graffiti was free of this bullshit, it was not full of red tape, brainless yes but there was some freedom in it and acumen if you knew what you were doing. I can’t wait to get back out and start painting again hopefully with some new ideas and approaches. Do some graffiti gardening!!!!

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