Zap Of Ages

This guy is one of the few graffiti writers I am still passionate about. I like art and good design. Zap brings both to the table and more. He paints sculpts and does street art too. He is one of the last warrior graffiti artists left and his work means a lot to me, he crosses boundaries as he pleases. The sad part is the dickheads in the graffiti world and there are many in Sydney think he is crap, it goes to show what a backward scene Sydney really is, a backward insignificant crap hole. Graff is a big cliche and that is the good stuff, what a joke this guy is one of the best and he puts most writers to shame. The only other guy making anything nearly as good is Skils. It is difficult to know where Skils will take it and if he can hold his own in such a backward scene, only time will tell. zap graffiti

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