I usually don’t talk about this stuff but I will, mainly Linux and how useful it is as an OS. I have been using it since 2001 as my primary OS, though in 2009 I succumbed to OSX and needed a family friendly style OS and the %100 UNIX compatability helped too. Although for any serious coding or kiosk, I will only use Linux. I moved through various distros but settled on Debian as it is quite configurable and stable so by 2003 it became my favourite distro of choice. The only other distro I managed to use for more than ten minutes was Slackware but Debian tops it for me. Why am I telling you all this you ask? Well it is a good idea for artists and people to use Linux and take advantage of the rich applications. For any pain had there is a wealth of benifits in that you are using work that is supported by a community of users and developers. Not to say the big companies are bad or have no community spirit but say your a user of Linux you will learn the rudiments of how computers actually work and that in it self is beneficial as well as some administrative skills. Basically though it does come down to how willing you are to learn some new skills and what you will use it for. Give it a go. ; ) Although if your working for a company that relies on Photoshop and some Adobe creative suite it might not be the best idea but if your not willing to Bittorrent all of your software from Pirate Bay try Linux.

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