Jerk the movie

We have amassed wealth,
Paranoid about the market,
This is not America
No black hole
We keep digging
Get a job in the mines
Rather be a jerk
Rob you blind.
The drugs were real
Ask God for some love
Couldn’t love yourself,
The gap gets bigger
After each jail bid
Can you jump the gap
Keep blaming
The gap is deep
Only God can fill that chasm

Blame is a game where someone has to lose
Why be a slave
I won’t play
We have choices
Many wish this was America
Drop you to be richer
Take and give guns
Fight to the death
Last breath
Cliche music video
Millions in the bank
Supposedly nobody cares
Getting off on a poor white story
Paying to see the movie, read the book,
The media hook

Another market
Counter culture counting the dollars
Deconstructed as the tower of hate constructed
Someone wants to censor
Kill God kill Tupac
None sense
But I won’t rob you
Because of the drugs I just took
The mall gas chamber just for effect
Rob me drug me
I have my mind
Stealing is the way I suppose
Just ask the natives
Taking drugs and drinking
Decreasing the thinking.

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