Sitting there waiting
the bay bends, the cars follow
barbed wire the promise of a good night
not too far from whores
close to the navy work
makes nervous crap hulks worked to rust
just back from the middle east

deadly sleep waits the fleet
its not a fleet that greets this pissing street
floundering pier for the rich
a few places to fall for the drunk
a bench
the local boys have stories to tell
if anybody will listen
youth workers yawn

The bike way thumbs up
the car way thumbs down
the cars made way for the bikes
not happy at all
empty promise
we will tell the world it gets used a lot
a little lie is ok

A hit sits shits
a playing kid the needle broken
the dealer stands by the phone booth
sus you out
better look some place good no good here
better stop pissing in those lanes
a beating a cop car looks nice and clean

The money goes somewhere
those boats on the harbour
that pier with the twenty dollar drinks
that bar where everyone wants a taxi
take a risk walk
walk up those bike paths the taxi struggles past
piss your money up the wall while it lasts.

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