Lack of contact

The hand doesn’t touch the wall, there is no contact. The particles are forced through releasing pressure. Maybe that is why it doesn’t have the same depth. Things just fall into place. They aren’t pushed or manipulated. There is a distance and it goes further into the world. Printing though has power. My nonsense only goes so far. But it lacks something also. It lacks contact. Printing though can take more preparation and time. The other missing element is time. The less time the better. The less contemplation. The less contact. What gets lost is the power. That always has to go somewhere else.


Lighter side of meticulous isolation

It is difficult to really get that serious about aesthetics especially when I am just making observations about stuff that I may not like. The only reason to bring it up is to highlight how clinical ideals can be. People already have experienced this en mass in the twentieth century. It is a trap we can easily fall into at any time. Now though it is personal. The beauty is we can pick and choose. This is also the trap. The trappings of agreement and camaraderie to the point of seeing nothing else.

The flip side for some dark humour is to consider North Korean propaganda posters. Then look at a styled home in cool whites with a meticulously placed native flower arrangement. You have to laugh, which one is more terrifying? My point is both because they cancel each other out with ideals and propaganda of sorts. They come from different cultures and even though the flower arrangement seems quite innocent, this is the funny bit, it is as sharp as the surgeons scalpel. As over thought as the phallic overload of the North Korean rocket porn.

The real difference is the thought process and where it leads. An interior stylist even if a pedantic anxious perfectionist isn’t a rocket scientist though they probably have a bigger budget than North Korean propaganda painters. It could even be possible they are carrying more cash than the North Korean nuclear program. It is funny but has a serious edge. How do you deal with difficult cultures and difficult people. They will always be there. Is isolation the only way to deal with them? Isolation though is the key point because for people certain aesthetics can be isolating. Some are designed to be that way.

They deliver the ideal. It isn’t free though. For North Korea’s tirades there is cash that stops in its tracks. They know they can’t buy their way out. For them as they currently stand they are simply isolated. This is a very complex web. For you to enjoy the clinical white environment you have to change just like North Korea needs to. If you don’t play ball you will be isolated. As much of a social construct it is so much of aesthetics. The ideal. Basically the ideal itself is isolated from reality. It is what we should be striving for. The people who are really striving are probably the North Koreans. Striving to keep their madness ticking over on the smell of an oil rag.

Though due to a war Korea was carved in two and one was contained. The strategy of isolation hasn’t really worked. Nobody thought they would ever get it together. It probably is the same with capitalism in that it divides and conquers. What you need to ask yourself is how far will you go for ideals. Will you close every competing idea or odd view? Or will you try and find a way to understand the complex and rich tapestry of life even if it wears a John Cleese sweater? Or maybe loves playing with rockets?


Originally when I heard about same sex marriage I didn’t like the idea of marriage full stop and saw it is as conservative attitudes creeping into every facet of life. I always saw homosexuality as progressive and vibrant. An alternative. But what I missed was simply the fact that people need choices and that is my new flag that I wave these days. The more choices the more likelihood of ethical choices and creating choices to my current thinking is against conservative values of limiting choices down to the logic of the dollar.

More choices and more freedom so people can make the right choice. I can see the flip side to my argument but the difference with my argument is I am talking about freedoms that benefit everyone not choices that limit peoples ability to be decent citizens. I feel as though some freedom of speech arguments have been hijacked to create a loop hole to let people be disharmonious and pigeon hole people. Flipping the argument is fine but it has to have positive benefits. So when I got my survey I said YES to marriage equality. Why not open doors rather than leave them closed to elitists or conservatives. At the end of the day this should have been decided in parliament for the good of all Australians but instead it has been turned into a circus.

It is difficult to say which way it will go because you have 35% saying no and 35% saying yes and then that 30% who could go either way. There isn’t a lot of room to move. Conservative voices are strong in this dollar centric world. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Australia is very conservative and the progressives are a minority. If you consider our political climate it could be close. Lets put it out there and increase freedoms rather than take them away as has been the trend for the new millennium.

Overview of creative pursuits

In 2016 I made some very graffiti inspired artworks which was a great achievement for me as I felt a lot of my art had been quite unfinished or open. This year I took the same approach but added figurative elements which I felt was good as well. I managed to sell some of the work and they generated some interest so it was a nice change. All of these works were made using paint pens so it borrowed from my graffiti work. The past few months I decided to make work just using brush work and layers. It was interesting because they were definitely complex and finished. My sale prices were a lot higher so nobody has bought any yet and probably won’t for a while.

The sale prices were a lot higher to be frank. But so far I am not willing to sell complex work that can take days or even weeks for low prices which is fair enough. The only issue I have had is that I am not as keen to simply pump these types of paintings out as they require a lot of attention even if for short periods over an indeterminable time period. So far I have only made three artworks in this fashion with one being a little substandard.

Currently though as winter finishes I feel like I need to just think things over. It has been a bad flu season in Australia this winter and I have just been taking it easy with short bursts of activity and concentrated effort. So far I haven’t had the flu but everyone else seems to have had it. It is currently spring and it is probably colder than winter though the sun is out.

Winter in Sydney is quite mild and you only feel it in the shade or if the wind picks up. But when you consider that the flu has been virulent I have been lucky so far and able to keep making work. I am starting some acupuncture at the end of the week and I hope it helps heal my current injury. I work with a lot of heavy items and general wear and tear can get in the way. This though only affects murals at the moment when I need reach. The last time I had acupuncture it took about twelve weeks of one week sessions to get me on the mend. Luckily it is covered by Medicare or I would be paying though at the moment I would happily pay for it.

We all need choices

I was reading an article about Elephant poaching and it made me think of wealth disparity and the inherent lack of ethical choices when money is scarce. Really if there was a better alternate employment in some countries we wouldn’t have these types of industries.

The fact that in Sydney people have to make hard choices in light of property prices and living prices there can be little thought of ethical choices. Not to say that everyone in Sydney is selling drugs and hustling but I am sure the only real winners in the Sydney property market are the super rich or criminal gangs. Maybe prostitution is booming but I have no idea.

It isn’t a winning environment for a lot of people. Then we get a bad deal when governments won’t invest in renewable energy because of the pressure on households to spend more on renewable energy but this simply ignores the real problem which is property inflation.

Another example would be the lock out laws in Sydney. They don’t really have much to do with anti-social behaviour or controlling it but more with the improvement of an areas development potential. If it isn’t social profiling then it is real estate enhancement, or maybe both?

But this is what gets me, the further we walk into this abyss of the have and have not’s we end up with desperate people who could and will do anything. The less choices the more dubious the choice is because it isn’t a real choice but a way to get a dollar. The poacher is just trying to get paid. They need choices. We all do.

The end is nigh

Came across an opinion piece that made the argument of technology diminishing social interaction and jobs. Definitely a good point because it is happening and is being rolled out as we speak. Though it made me think more about technology as being a high end option even though it does eradicate some jobs. If you look at major supermarkets in Australia most will have both human and automatic checkouts. Usually there will be one person on a set of ten self service checkouts who act as maintenance and supervisors. This mix though of both personal and automatic checkouts is fairly efficient most of the time. The problem with automating all of the service is that costs do rise and there is still difficulty supervising all of the checkouts.

The methods that are flagged are fully automated and the user simply takes an item which is charged to the user without any machine or human interaction. This sounds ominous because essentially the costs for this set up will come down and become highly accessible. The point I want to make is that at the moment consumer level technology is not going to go down in any major way. Because of the way technology works it is essentially complex and becomes very expensive. Even if you don’t factor in obsolescence there is a major financial cost to make the magic happen. The cost of one engineer even if part time or casual will probably cost more than a number of lower paid checkout staff.

Just look at web design even though costs and accessibility came down substantially from tens of thousands of dollars to maybe a few hundred dollars the technology powering serious businesses will still cost tens of thousands of dollars. The amount of technology employed to create this idealised world of walking in and walking out is only really an option for the bigger technological player that have the money and means. It isn’t really a surprise that Amazon wants to create these types of experiences. The huge amount of investment in technology and their own marketplace of technology powers their retail enterprise and other companies too. It is only the biggest technology companies that can pull this type of thing off and if you look at a long term trickle down effect it can’t actually happen. Sorry for making a bad joke of it but in terms of the biggest technology companies it is self service all of the way.

As far as less human interaction is concerned it is a valid point and we do live in our own bubbles of opinions but jobs will be there and most companies who are pretty big can only afford a mix of technology because the people who really own this make more money from making it expensive and just that little bit out of touch for everyone. Technology works like inequality, it is a social tool to keep the big players on top of the game. That is the point it isn’t for everyone and every company though can use a mix of options in the market which is good anyway.

The real pressures are less jobs but that has happened from outsourcing primarily not automation. The idea of automation is actually quite scary but it is the highest level of technology and it has to remain on the top of its game to be able to survive in a competitive market. Engineering and high level interactions through software will always be expensive just like web design essentially still is even though the cost dropped a hell of a lot. Though if you just a want a web site about gardening that is pretty much free. Also if you don’t want to talk to anyone and just walk into a store and pick stuff up and walk out with it that will still be considered stealing in most cases for many decades to come.

To conclude though what I have outlined is the built in inequality of technology and how it could lead to more inequality and that was the original point of the article I read but in terms of how that pans out in stealing our jobs or our attention there is always some level of inequality built in to every interaction in any society since forever. That has been the case since civilisation began but automated technology isn’t the end game it is simply the current one. The marketing is better than the reality in any case. Though people will always find a way to survive whether they are at the top of the heap or bottom of the heap.